Dutch Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus discusses UNRWA's role in Hamas war

Today (Wednesday) leaders of the Dutch Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus together with the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) Europe, will host a roundtable discussion at the Dutch House of Representatives focusing on "UNRWA's Role in Israel-Hamas Conflict" and the imperative to address the corruption within the UN body.

The roundtable will address the role UNRWA has played in bolstering Hamas capabilities and the emergence of collusion between UNRWA’s employees and the terrorist organization. Keynote speaker MK Sharren Haskel and Co-Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC), will share insights into the matter. Additionally, MK Sharren Haskel, Israel Allies Foundations President, Josh Reinstein, and IAF Europe Director Leo van Doesburg will engage in separate discussions with Dutch Members of Parliament and party leaders for a deeper examination of strategies to impede UNRWA’s operations and how to navigate the latest revelations of collaboration.

Themes to be discussed include the perpetuation of the Palestinian Arab refugee problem, anti-Semitic educational content, and the misuse of infrastructure and materials.

"With the recent horrific reports verifying UNRWA employees' complicity in the October 7th massacre, countries around the world are finally beginning to understand how this UN organization has long served as a right arm to terror," said Member of Knesset & KCAC Co-Chair Sharren Haskel. "And while many, including the Netherlands, have halted funding of UNRWA—our job is far from done. UNRWA needs to be completely dismantled, and those who allowed these atrocities to occur, to be held fully accountable."

“UNRWA is a part of the problem and is not needed” states Director of IAF Europe, Leo van Doesburg. “Despite longstanding warnings about UNRWA's involvement in the radicalization of Palestinians, recent revelations have unveiled a more alarming reality. The organization not only fosters radicalization but also promotes and incites terrorist activities. Consequently, it is imperative to dismantle UNRWA, extend the UNHCR mandate to include Gaza, Judea, and Samaria, and entrust humanitarian aid to the World Food Program and UNOPS.”

Dutch MP Don Ceder adds “We have been worried about the role that UNRWA plays in the conflict for a long time. We have often warned about the hatred that’s taught in UNRWA-school books. Now that it turns out employees have actually been involved in horrible acts of terrorism, we can no longer avoid the discussion about the legitimacy of UNRWA itself.”

Dutch MP Chris Stoffer expressed dismay at the mounting evidence and revelations - “I was shocked by the sheer violence and hate of October 7th. Now it turns out UNRWA employees were participating, praising it and adding fuel to the fire. It’ll be good to get together with the Israel Allies Foundation Europe, MK Sharren Haskel and others to discuss recent UNRWA developments and alternatives for proper humanitarian help to Palestinians that doesn’t fuel terrorism.”

“UNRWA has long been used as a weapon against Israel. Now that the world is beginning to wake up, I am happy to see that our network of legislators are taking a lead in the efforts to defund and dismantle UNRWA '' said Josh Reinstein, President of the Israel Allies Foundation.

The roundtable will take place on Wednesday, February 7th at the Dutch House of Representatives in The Hague to an audience of Dutch Members of Parliament and Christian leaders.

Photo credit: Mohammed Salem/Reuters