Arutz Sheva: 'Jews have right to live in peace and security in Judea and Samaria'

A delegation of over 20 parliament members came to the Binyamin region on a special visit, during which they signed a covenant stating that Jews in Binyamin and Judea and Samaria have the right to live in peace and security. Many of the parliament members serve as chairpersons of Israel Allies groups in their parliaments, and actively advocate pro-Israel legislation. Their efforts include the campaign against antisemitism and anti-Zionism, and more recently the campaigns for dismantling the terrorism-affiliated UNWRA and for the denunciation of Iranian-sponsored terror and war crimes against Israel.

The delegation’s visit to Binyamin was among the activities of the annual Conference of the Israel Allies Foundation.

The parliamentarians, who hailed from European countries, the United States, South America and Africa, signed a covenant at a ceremony attended by Binyamin Regional Council Governor Israel Ganz, who headed a tour of the region and explained the regions activities since the beginning of the October 7 War and the security preparedness in Binyamin. Ganz thanked the parliament members for their visit and wholehearted support for Israel, saying, “your visit to the heart of the State of Israel and the Land of Israel, here in the Binyamin region, strengthens the Jewish people living in their land and strengthens the global forces of peace. You are true friends of Binyamin and of Israel. Thank you so much for your declaration in support of Jews in Judea and Samaria during this war for our hold on the Land of Israel.

Also at the ceremony was Israel’s Minister of Energy Eli Cohen, who told the parliamentarians about Israel’s efforts in the international arena since October 7th. Cohen, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, said at the covenant signing, “It is heartwarming to see so many of Israel’s friends here in one place – Binyamin, in the heart of our country. When you travel through this region, you see Jewish history all around. The Tabernacle stood in Shiloh before the Temple was built in Jerusalem. There are 22 Arab states and only one Jewish state.”

Cohen answered the parliament members’ questions about the war and said, “In effect, there was a state in Gaza and we were told it would be like Singapore, but in the moment of truth we got Hamastan and a national catastrophe. When they say, ‘From the river to the sea,’ their intention is to wipe out the entire State of Israel. Anyone who reads the Bible knows that Hamas behaved just like Amalek, raping and murdering in the most brutal ways, and kidnapping children, including a nine-month-old baby.”

When the parliament members asked about Israel’s advantage over the enemies in the surrounding area, Cohen replied, “We have no other country. This land is ours. Therefore we will win, because we have to win.”

During their visit, the parliament members toured Psagot Winery in the Shaar Binyamin Industrial Zone, as well as the town of Psagot, where they saw the security challenges – Psagot is only a few meters away from the edge of the city of Ramallah, in the Palestinian Authority. “What happened in Kfar Aza, just 100 meters from the houses on the outskirts of Gaza, could happen here too, if the Palestinian Authority aimed its guns in our direction,” Governor Ganz told the delegation. “We are arming ourselves and have raised the level of our preparedness since October 7th. Our message to our enemies is that they’d be better not to mess with us.”

At the parliament members’ request, their tour of Binyamin included an emotional visit to the Eli gas station, where Yitzhak Zeiger and Uria Hartum were murdered last Thursday by a despicable terrorist who worked as a police officer in the PA forces of Abu Mazen. The delegation heard from Aviad Gizbar, who neutralized the terrorist. Gizbar was in Eli on a short furlough from the fighting in Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip. He told the parliament members about the challenges in Eli and the importance of continuing the Jewish presence in this region.

The Slovakian parliament member, Branislav Škripek, said, “Aviad’s bravery is admirable. In a normal and proper world, this should not have happened. The enemy who went there twice wanted to attack and harm civilians who only want to live a good life, and Israel has the full right to fight back.” The representative from South Sudan was also moved by what he saw and heard. “The world powers will not decide Israel’s fate, but rather only the Creator.” European Parliament Member Bert-Jan Ruissen said, “The State of Israel is a success story and it’s always a pleasure to visit this country. During our visit to Binyamin we met special people who want only the best for this region and they should be supported in every way possible. They have the full right to live like normal human beings, without any threats or danger.”

Eliana Passentin, director of International Desk for the Binyamin Regional Council: “Hosting so many representatives from countries around the world, all of whom have their country’s flag displayed in our council building, and who have come to support us and recognize the Jewish people’s right to their land, is an exciting and historic event, especially now. This really boosts our morale and gives us a special feeling of the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, ‘They have all gathered and come to you.’”

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