JPOST: Kenyan reverend: UN ‘obsessed’ with Hamas war, ‘hates Jews’

A prominent reverend from Kenya, who also directs the Israel Allies Foundation African office, has accused the United Nations of having “an obsession with antisemitism.”

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post via WhatsApp a few days after he returned to his country from a solidarity mission in Israel, Rev. Dennis Nthumbi said that “the war against Hamas has exposed the decay in the UN and its moral rot that has led to the molestation of its statutes.”

He accused the UN of becoming so preoccupied with the Israel-Hamas conflict “because it hates Jews” that it has failed to offer a response to real genocides – one in his area – namely the genocides of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar in Southeast Asia and the Masalit civilians in Sudan.

“The UN is no longer useful,” Nthumbi said. “Abolish it. All sane member nations should either demand a refund or a leadership change.”

He also accused the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) of “running an education system that is enshrined on the principles of jihadism” with an objective of “churning out child terrorists” and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) of disregarding the slaughter of Israeli children on October 7.

Nthumbi is a senior, though unofficial, adviser to Kenya’s president, William Ruto, whom he accompanied on a mission to Israel in May. Both Ruto and Nthumbi are devout Christians who believe their biblical obligation is to support Israel.

Director of Israel Allies Foundation’s Africa

Nthumbi is also the Israel Allies Foundation’s Africa director and was crucial in securing Israel’s position as an observer state to the African Union in 2021. He helped lobby to maintain it at the beginning of 2023 when the union threatened to withdraw it. Israel’s status is now pending the review of a committee.

The foundation uses faith-based diplomacy to build support for Israel in parliaments in more than 50 countries.

Nthumbi was recently in Israel on a solidarity mission with top representatives of the Africa-Israel Initiative. During that visit, he traveled to the South to see the sites of the October 7 attack, met with Knesset leaders, and toured the Temple Mount.

“Israel is possibly the last standing beacon of hope among its peers, and my latest solidarity trip to Israel confirmed Israel’s posture as the defender of life, light, and truth,” Nthumbi said.

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