JPOST: Liberian lawmaker pledges: Embassy in Jerusalem by year's end

This week, a Liberian lawmaker in Israel has said that she expects her country to open an embassy in the capital city by the end of the year.

"I am passionate about Liberia reopening its embassy," Representative Moimah Briggs Mensah said Monday evening during her speech at the Israel Allies Foundation Chairman's Mission dinner at the Friends of Zion Museum. Mensah is the chairperson of Liberia's Israel Allies Foundation Caucus. "I know when President Joseph Boakai writes a platform, which covers agricultural rules, the rule of law, education, sanitation, he is going to want to restore our bilateral relationship with Israel."

Mensah, a New Georgia United Methodist Church member serving her second term as a lawmaker, was appointed caucus chairperson in January, only days after Boakai took office. Last month, he appointed Sara Beysolow as foreign minister. Mensah said she expects Beysolow to visit Israel soon and hold meetings about establishing the embassy.

Opening a Jerusalem embassy before year's end

"I can tell you, before the end of this year, I want to see that embassy open."

Liberia and Israel have had a strong bond. Liberia was among the United Nations member states to support the creation of Israel in 1947. Israel and Liberia established official diplomatic ties three years later, in 1950. However, these were cut during the 1973 Yom Kippur War and restored in 1983.

Liberia doesn't maintain an embassy in Israel, and Israel does not have an embassy in Liberia, although it does have an ambassador to Liberia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.

In December, Liberia sided with the United States and Israel, voting against a United Nations resolution aimed at stopping the conflict in Gaza.

Last year, Liberia's former president, George Weah, promised to open an embassy in Jerusalem during a visit to Israel, where he was honored with the Friends of Zion Award. However, the plan was delayed.

Three other African nations—Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Malawi—have also shown interest in relocating their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, these plans were hindered by the October Hamas massacre and subsequent conflict.

Five embassies are currently in the capital: the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Kosovo, and Papua New Guinea.

Mensah told the mission’s attendees that Israel “should take Africa seriously. When we say we are with you, we stand with you.

“We have come to be part of your sorrow,” Mensah continued. “I know that next time we are here, we are going to be celebrating your victory.”

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Photo credit: MAAYAN HOFFMAN