JPOST: Rabbis and pastors unite, lobby Congress to support Israel

A diverse group of rabbis and pastors visited Capitol Hill together on Wednesday to lobby Congress to support Israel.

The group, organized by the Israel Allies Foundation, the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition, American Christian Leaders for Israel, Eagles' Wings, The Jerusalem Connection Report, and the National Hispanic Pastors Alliance, carried signs that read "Rabbis and Pastors United for Israel" while urging lawmakers to take concrete steps to provide support for the Jewish State.

There were a total of 60 rabbis, pastors, Christian and Jewish leaders that took part in the day. They met with 32 Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

"This joint mission of Jewish and Christian leaders is coming at a critical time as Israel's war to eliminate Hamas, a threat to the entire freedom-loving world, continues," said Jordanna McMillan, US director of the Israel Allies Foundation. "We have all watched the disruptive, and at times violent, protests against Israel and attacks on Jews worldwide, and this faith-based advocacy effort reaffirms to our nation's political leaders the breadth and depth of American support for Israel."

On the agenda: Freeing the Israeli hostages from Gaza and ensuring that Israel gets the financial aid it needs from the United States to win the battle against Hamas.

There are still more than 130 Israelis being held by Hamas despite discussions around a ceasefire and hostage exchange. The Red Cross has not been allowed to visit the hostages, and reports indicate that they are being subjected to violent assaults.

Call for Christians 'everywhere to stand up' for Israel

Moreover, the US administration's supplemental $14.25 billion in special aid for the war in the Gaza Strip that it said it would like to give to Israel has still not been approved and handed over to Israel after nearly four months of war.

"The battle in Israel is certainly not a battle of Israel against the Palestinians or even of only Israel against Hamas. Rather, it is the frontlines of a global battle of civilization and basic human rights against pure evil epitomized by Hamas," said Bishop Robert Stearns of Eagles' Wings. "Every person concerned with basic human rights and the future of humanity must take a stand with Israel in this conflict."

Dr. Susan Michael, director of American Christian Leaders for Israel, said her organization was honored to stand alongside Jewish and Israeli groups. She encouraged "Christians everywhere to stand up for the hostages as if they were your own sons and daughters and in support of Israel as she fights for the security and safety of her citizens."

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