Washington Times: WATCH: Jewish-Christian alliances rise in the face of anti-semitic progressives

The protests on America’s college campuses calling for “rivers to the sea, Palestinians must be free,” and condemning Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the war in Gaza and U.S. President Joe Biden for failing to push Israel into a complete ceasefire are ignorant.

But they are having an effect in solidifying relations between Jews and Christians.

Josh Reinstein, president of the Israel Allies Foundation and the director of the Christian Allies Caucus in Jerusalem, said during an interview in the Knesset that Christians and Jews have partnered these past years to push a joint Judeo-Christian viewpoint into legislation and politics. And not just in Israel — but in 53 governments around the world, he said.

This — as the progressives have been openly and loudly waging a very anti-semitic war on the Jewish state and the Jewish people, particularly on America’s college campuses.

“We’re very concerned,” Reinstein said. We’ve always had Republican support … we’ve always had Democrat support. We’re seeing that start to fray because of the [rise] of the progressive movement which is always anti-semitic.”

He also said, “Those demonstrations are not pro-Palestinian. They’re anti-semitic. … Those people are not calling for the freedom of the Palestinian people from Hamas … they’re calling for Israel to give up this fight, even though we were attacked” on October 7, 2023.

And yet: the Judeo-Christian perspective is winning over much of the world’s legislative bodies, he said.

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